Couples & Families Therapy

I am a fully qualified family and couple therapist having obtained a Masters from the Institute of Family Therapy in 2010. When you come to sessions I will work to hear from both/all of you about your experiences and what you hope for from sessions. I will ensure that everyone is heard and that sessions are respectful and productive to allow communication to grow. If appropriate, I may meet with you separately if there are particular things you would prefer to discuss privately.

Case Study

The following examples are real cases but the details and names have been changed to protect client's identity. The clients in these case studies have given their permission for this information to be used.

Alex and Sam have been together 12 years and came with relationship problems which affected their communication, intimacy and sex life. Their symptoms meant that they were always angry with each other and they found time together at the weekends always ended in rows.

They agreed they loved each other but found it hard to get along and wondered if it would be better if they separated and found someone else.

Through my work we established common ground that they both wanted to work towards and the sessions allowed them time to talk about painful experiences in their relationship which had led to deep seated resentments which were not communicated as they both feared it would cause more arguments.

I allowed each of them to speak about their experiences and helped them look at the strengths in their relationship such as examples of when they communicated well. Over time they grew closer and as a result the intimacy came back into their relationship. They felt they would never be able to get to this point. They had developed new found love and respect for each other and had a satisfying relationship again.

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My wife and I spent time with Siobhan who helped communicate much more effectively and constructively. She enabled us to strip away layers of emotional detritus that had built up over years of marriage and focus on our strengths as a couple and as a family. Siobhan was always focused on getting us to concentrate on the real issues and we are much happier as a result of spending time with her.
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I can highly recommend Dr Siobhan McCarthy as a therapist. I went to see her with relationship issues, sleep problems, low self-esteem and overwhelming negative thoughts, and she really helped me to work through my problems in a kind, practical and caring way. I hadn't been to a therapist before, and she immediately made me feel comfortable as her manner is open and genuine. Throughout, she listened with sympathy, but also with honesty and perception, and helped me address underlying issues and to come through things. I now feel more confident in myself, and my mood has improved so much. Again, I really can't recommend her highly enough!
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