Assessments and Reports

I, and my associates (Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists), provide comprehensive assessments and reports, including medicolegal reports for use in various tribunal and court proceedings, on behalf of the parties or the tribunal/court. The experts I use have experience of complex cases.

I accept private and legal aid instructions from private individuals, solicitors, barristers and other individuals and organisations such as the police, Crown Prosecution Service, the Parole Board and Judges.

Family Law and Care Proceedings

We provide assessments and reports in the full range of family law and care proceedings that cover the whole family, parents, other carers, adolescents and children.

Civil Law

We provide assessments and reports on personal injury, including causation and the extent of psychiatric injuries. We can provide assistance in cases of personal injury caused by road traffic accidents, employment, sexual abuse and clinical negligence.

Immigration Law

We can provide assessments and reports in immigration and asylum proceedings, including appeals.

Prison law and Parole Board hearings

We provide assessments and reports in prison law proceedings, including appeals and judicial review proceedings, and for Parole Board Hearings.

Criminal Law

We provide forensic assessments and reports for use in criminal trials and during the sentence hearing. We can deal with issues of fitness to plead and the whole range of psychiatric defences (including lack of intent, insanity, autonomism and diminished responsibility) including a defendants mental health and vulnerability (e.g. identification of learning difficulties or differences, IQ and suggestibility) at the time of the index event or subsequent key events such as the police interview. In addition, we deal with a defendants mental health assessment prior to the sentence hearing, including assessments of dangerousness and risk.

Employment Law

We provide assessments and reports in employment law proceedings including cases of sexual harassment and discrimination.